How to Register your 10km Team

Team Manager  - How to Register your Team for the Go Media 10km

Congratulations on being selected as your Team Manager! Follow the steps below to register your team:

1. Click here and fill in the online team registration form

2. You need to choose two passwords, the first is your team name and password and the second is for your individual entry

               -The passwords you choose will not be emailed to you in a confirmation email. You have to make a note of your passwords. 


3. Share your team name and password with the other four members of your team

4. The first four members of your team now need to click here and enter the Go Media 10km

5. Once we can see that 4 of your team members have entered, we will email you (Team Manager) a free entry code for your 5th team member to use (this code will only work once)

6. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch by emailing through to

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